Why do I get an error message when I "Print to PDF"?

I click "Print to PDF" and get an Error Message
Written by Support Manager
Updated 3 years ago

The most common issue that results in an Error Message when you try to print to PDF is missing data.  Since TI Reporter™ is designed to help ensure that your finished report meets the current industry standards, the program has some safety nets built in.

Refer to the check list on the right side of the dashboard.  Make sure that "General Info" and "Finish Report" have green check marks.  Next, check that the image pages, Routes and/or Data Sheets have been completed.  

Note: If your report is very large (over 100 images) or contains a large amount of data, generation of the PDF may consume too much time and cause your computer to time-out.  To eliminate this potential and allow you to keep working, TI Reporter™ will generate the report for you in the background and forward the completed document to your email.

If you are still having an issue, contact us and we will work with you to review the report and fix the hiccup.

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