How can I add or update my equipment list

Under "Settings" on the dashboard, you can add, de-active and/or update your equipment list. Equipment is NOT limited to infrared imagers.
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Updated 3 years ago

In addition to infrared imagers, you can add any other equipment used during your inspection.  For example, a moisture meter might be used for a roof inspection; or an ammeter may be used to determine load during an electrical inspection.  Multiple pieces and/or types of equipment to be listed in a report.

From your dashboard, open "Settings" to access your equipment list.

Click on "New Equipment" only to add a new piece of equipment.  Complete each required (*) field and be sure to click "Save & Close" button in the upper right corner.  Note:  "Date Last Calibrated"is an optional field.

From the existing list of equipment, you can edit or update details of a piece of equipment by clicking on the Edit button.

You can de-active or re-active equipment at any time. 

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